Things You Must Not Forget On Your Wedding

Your wedding day is indeed one of the most important days of your life. It is said that a man is born twice. First when he is actually born, and the second time when he gets married. The reason being things change dramatically in one’s life. There is an addition of a loved one who will be your responsibility irrespective of the fact you are a bride or groom. Previously you lived as a one man army but now it is all about being a team player.

Here are few things which must keep an eye to making your wedding a great event.

Make Your Wedding Budget

Everyone desires to have a fairy tale wedding. Or at least an extravagant grand day of celebrations. Unfortunately, it costs a lot of money to do so. It will not be wise to spend all your hard earned income and saving on a single day. After all, you have a life ahead of the wedding. Therefore you need to make a budget for your wedding. You must determine the maximum amount to spend and start working backward from this point. Do not forget to negotiate prices for everything.  It is better to have a budget of Dollar 1.20, aim to spend Dollar 1 and set the budget for Dollar 2.80.

You’re Wedding’s Guest List

Before selecting your wedding venue, you should prepare a guest list. You need to determine the number of guests who will be invited to the event because the number of guests will impact on the decision of selecting the venue. It is better to contact the possible guests notifying them before sending the formal invitations. Guide them to the possible time and date and ask will they be able to come? Certainly, there is a chance that a decent number of invitees might not be able to come and they won’t even be able to tell you this earlier. In any case, the best way is to target the maximum number of guests you have invited so that you can select the best venue accordingly.

Selection of Venue

Most of the time your wedding date will depend upon the availability of venue you wish to book. In addition, the number of guests will also play an important part in finalizing the venue. There might be limited capacity in the venue which may not compensate the total number of guest invited, or there may be a small number of guests than compared to the venue capacity. In both the cases, you might end up in mess. Therefore you must choose the venue which is appropriate in compensating the number of guests invited.

Organizing a wedding can be extremely time consuming and exhaust you completely. This will lead you to a less enjoyable wedding and surely you don’t want that. Therefore, it is suggested to hire a wedding event planner to take all the responsibilities on his shoulders.

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